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Crossroads Winery - Marlborough/Hawkes Bay

Crossroads Hawkes Bay Talisman

Without passion, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved. At Crossroads Winery, we make wine because we love it. Our story began in 1990 with the dream of making a wine that was completely different to any other wine, a benchmark of texture, flavour and complexity.

Peter and Debbie Cutfield are at the heart of the success of Crossroads Winery today. This extraordinary couple from Wellington took control of the winery in the year 2000. They completely understood the vision of the founders, to nurture the land and to craft wines that they could proudly place on the tables of their family and friends around the world.

They set about assembling a team made up of key players in the New Zealand wine industry, covering all of the required disciplines - viticulture, winemaking, logistics and marketing. The rebirth of Crossroads Winery was the culmination of a lot of knowledge, hard work, clear thought and a little luck. Our team grows and our success is, as we say in winemaking, "in the bottle".

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