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Peter Louis Guntrum - Dexheim

A brand established by Peter himself, it is now run by Barbara assisted by her two sons. With a vision to bring affordable easy drinking German wines to the market, this is a brand with excellent wines matched by Hai Choo’s visionary marketing. Boasting of being one of the first in Asia to launch and use the signature blue bottles more than a decade ago.

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Kessler-Zink - Rheinhessen

Vineyard and winery take profit from the long-time experience of a typical family business: Three generations of family members are working together, assisted by eight employees on-site and two more working as field stuff (Germany North and South). Five years ago business responsibilities have been passed from Claus-Dieter and Karin Stütz to their son Ingo and daughter-in-law Heike Stütz. Now the next generation takes care for stuff, organisation, accounting and finance – but this won’t mean the parents have retired – they still offer a helping hand whenever needed.

Approximately 1.2 million litres of wine will be provided, prepared and brought to market each year. Hereby the main focus lies on production, filling and trading of wines from the original region of Rheinhessen. But many more wines for example from Italy, France or Spain complete the rich assortment of Kessler-Zink: about 160 different goods are in stock. Seasonal offers like mulled wine, “Federweisser” (it’s the cloudy beverage during the process of fermenting, i.e. somewhere in between must and young wine) and others add to the range of products and attract many clients.

Within Germany a lot of leading retailers and chains as well as specialized wine traders are ordering from Kessler-Zink. International business connections go from many European countries to Japan, Singapore and the United States.

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